Adding pagination in Angular app can be tricky because the moment you start searching for pagination you will find a lot of pagination libraries. Using ready-made libraries can be a good option in simple applications but not in complex apps. Customisation is very limited in ready-made libraries so in such cases we should prefer to create a reusable pagination component from scratch. Starting anything from scratch requires a lot of research but don’t worry I got it covered. We will use Bootstrap for cosmetics and Node.js for mock APIs. Let’s start with steps.

Before getting started let’s list down some…

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Recently I’ve been asked to create a Roadmap for MongoDB in my organization for new joiners and other colleagues. I thought I’d create it within a few minutes by copying it from the internet but it remained thought only, Lol. I looked everywhere in search of this so-called “MongoDB Developer Roadmap” but all I found was Roadmaps for other technologies, sadly couldn't find any perfect results. So I took a deep breath and decided to create it from scratch by referring to existing roadmaps and after a lot of research I came up with a solution.

So basically a Roadmap…

Pagination is an important feature of any application where we need to handle large amounts of data into smaller chunks. As our data grows it becomes essential for a developer to load data from API in chunks and show in UI. It’s always a good practice to fetch data in a small & precise manner to improve the efficiency & performance of the application. Doing such things also reduces the latency & load time of a server.

Adding pagination to react is much easy as we have multiple pagination libraries available, but the problem with using readymade libraries is you…

React is a popular JavaScript framework created by Facebook for building front end applications. Getting started with react is not easy as it seems, there are multiple frameworks and tool-chains available, and it's important to choose the right one. In this article, we will show you some simple & best frameworks for creating a react app.

Let’s get started.

1. Create-React-App

create-react-app is an open-source framework designed by Facebook with 800+ contributors. It provides a simple and easy environment for beginners and professionals and it does not require any setup configuration. create-react-app comes with a CLI which allows us to setup app…

Redux is a state management tool and can be used with React application for managing states. Getting started with React can be overwhelming because we see a lot of state management tools are available on the internet today. Before getting started let’s understand what is state management.

State management & its need

In simple words, we can say a state is a JavaScript object which represents data associated with the component and it can change depending on the user’s action. …

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